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G1: The Only Submersible Voice Pager

Features include:
  • 1P67 Rating
  • Water and Dust Proof
  • Bluetooth
  • Voice Memo
  • Voice Storage
  • Available in Low Band, VHF, UHF
  • AAA Batteries
  • ScanModes: Free, Silent, Normal, Priority
  • Up to 64 Channels
  • Programmable Music & Voice Alerts
  • 2 YearWarranty With additional 3 years

G4 & G5 Industry First P25 Voice Pagers


G4 Single Band Voice Pager Supports:
  • P25 Conventional
  • P25 Phase I & Phase II Trunking
  • 700 - 800MHz
G5 Dual Band Voice Pager Supports:
  • Analog 2-Tone Conventional P25 Conventional
  • P25 Phase | & Phase lI Trunking
  • VHF & 700 - 800MHZ
  • UHF&700 -800MHz
Features Include:
  • Up to 256 Channels
  • IP67 RATING - Waterproof & Dustproof
  • Submersible up to 3ft/30 Minutes
  • High Impact Resistant Color Screen Rugged Housing
  • Custom Wav Files Alerts
  • Bluetooth
  • 32 Minutes Voice Storage
  • 32 Minutes Voice Memo
  • 2 Year Standard Warranty (Optional 3+)

G2 & G3 P25 Voice Pagers

  • G2 Single Band Model Available In VHF or UHF
  • G3 Dual Band Model Available In VHF/UHF
Features Include:
  • Analog 2-Tone Conventional
  • P25 Conventional
  • P25 Phase I &Phase II Trunking
  • Monitors Radio Communications & Fireground Traffic Up to 512 Channels
  • IP67 RATING Waterproof & Dustproof
  • Submersible up to 3 Feet/30 Minutes
  • 100 Minutes Voice Storage &Voice Memo
  • Rugged Housing
  • High Impact Resistant Color Screen Bluetooth
  • Custom Wav File Alerts
  • 2 Year Warranty (Optional +3)





In an effort to find equipment best suited for our clients, we offer demos/trials of our radio equipment. During these demos we conduct tests on the equipment by doing a walk-through of your location to make sure that there are no signal issues and can also lend you demo equipment for you to do a lengthier test of services as well.

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If your purchase requires docking, whether it is in your automobile or at your office, we can offer our installation services to you.

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When purchasing radio equipment through Service Communications, we offer maintenance contracts that include servicing of radio's annually or bi-annually, installation of software upgrades, and handling of all FCC licensing.

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We offer two-way radio repair services that includes diagnostics, repairs, and parts sales. Our repair services generally take 5-7 business days, if parts are available and in stock. You can arrange for services via drop off, pickup, or shipment.

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