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Two-way radio communication in Lafayette, LA and surrounding areas

At Service Communications, we offer a variety of two-way radio models to fit your needs. We carry a number of different Hytera radio models, including:

  • X1Pi
  • PD782i
  • PD702i
  • PD662i
  • PD602i
  • MD652i

For questions about the features of the radios we carry, or to get a recommendation from our experts based on your communication needs, call 337-252-2464 today.

5 reasons to use two-way radio as your go-to communication tool

If you want your company to succeed, efficiency is key. When every tool works properly, your company can focus on performance and output instead of tending to finicky equipment. When you rent or purchase radios from Service Communications, you can trust that you will receive quality products.

Our two-way radios are perfect for your commercial or recreational needs. Here's why:

  1. Radios are portable
  2. Reliable radios allow you to focus on your work
  3. two-way radios provide clear, crisp communication
  4. GPS
  5. You can communicate up to 40 miles away

Choose the tool that makes communication effortless and allows you to focus on what really matters. Call Service Communications today at 337-252-2464 for more information.

DMR Mobiles - MD652i | MD652i

hytera two way radio lafayette la
hytera two way radio lafayette la

DMR Mobiles - MD782i | MD782i

radio communication services lafayette la
radio communication services lafayette la
radio communication services lafayette la

DMR Portables

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