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Tait P25 Portable Radios

Our Tait P25 products and solutions are designed to withstand the challenging conditions that public safety agencies face every day. Our durable Tait portables and mobiles surpass military specification tests and are proven to survive the harshest standards. Combined with our resilient system design, Tait P25 solutions give public safety users the complete confidence in their communications that they need to do their jobs.



TAIT and Service Communications are now available through your state contract.

Tait P25 portable radios are designed and built to withstand the challenging conditions public safety users operate in. Packed with a range of safety-enhancing features, our P25 portables provide the clear audio, reliable connection, and interoperability that those serving our communities depend on. 

Voice communications are built with first responder safety as top priority. When your people push the talk button, they need to be connected. Several emergency features, such as Lone Worker, Man Down, Location Services and Integrated GPS, help improve first responder safety. Know the status and location of your people, ensuring help arrives in the quickest possible way.

With an award-winning key management facility and end-to-end 256 bit encryption, our P25 platform exceeds expectations on network security and information protection. We have incorporated a comprehensive set of access control features and core network security, the Tait P25 solution ensures your data will stay in the hands of those you trust.

Demo units are available for you to try!

We have a full line of Brand original and OEM batteries and accessories available.

Please give us the opportunity to earn your Department's business. We are a small, Louisiana business with a goal to of providing our customers with personal, quality products and service.

-Rachel Romero




In an effort to find equipment best suited for our clients, we offer demos/trials of our radio equipment. During these demos we conduct tests on the equipment by doing a walk-through of your location to make sure that there are no signal issues and can also lend you demo equipment for you to do a lengthier test of services as well.

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If your purchase requires docking, whether it is in your automobile or at your office, we can offer our installation services to you.

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When purchasing radio equipment through Service Communications, we offer maintenance contracts that include servicing of radio's annually or bi-annually, installation of software upgrades, and handling of all FCC licensing.

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We offer two-way radio repair services that includes diagnostics, repairs, and parts sales. Our repair services generally take 5-7 business days, if parts are available and in stock. You can arrange for services via drop off, pickup, or shipment.

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