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Heightened Access Control For Today’s World

With the latest in security technology, Service Communications offers complete access control with facial recognition and body temperature monitoring. Our Bolide security cameras offer state-of-the-art facial recognition identification that arms any facility with access control while minimizing contact at the workplace, helping to avoid the spread of germs and viruses.



Our facial recognition systems can be used to identify or verify the identity of employees or guests in just a few seconds by reading facial features: spacing of the eyes, bridge of the nose, the shape of the lips, ears, chin, etc. The system instantly identifies employees while at the same time reading abnormal body temperature to prevent sick employees from entering.

The system offers peace of mind while eliminating labor costs on a dedicated temperature screener. This also gives anyone entering your business a visible reminder that you are taking all the precautions necessary to protect their health and safety. Call the experts at Service Communications today to find out how we can help keep your employees and workplace safe and secure.



consultation Consultation

In an effort to find equipment best suited for our clients, we offer demo's/trials of our radio equipment. During these demo's we conduct tests on the equipment by doing a walk-through of your location to make sure that there are no signal issues and can also lend you demo equipment for you to do a lengthier test of services as well.

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consultation Installation

If your purchase requires docking, whether it is in your automobile or at your office, we can offer our installation services to you.

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consultation Maintenance

When purchasing radio equipment though Service Communications, we offer maintenance contracts that include servicing of radio's annually or bi-annually, installation of software upgrades, and handling of all FCC licensing.

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consultation Repair

We offer two-way radio repair services that includes diagnostics, repairs, and parts sales. Our repair services generally take 5-7 business days, if parts are available and in stock. You can arrange for services via drop off, pickup, or shipment.

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