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Immediate Communication Where you Need It

A wireless public address system is the best solution wherever a hard-wired PA cannot be installed or is too costly. The wireless technology provides a cost-effective and flexible way to provide public address or mass communication coverage across an entire facility or to isolated pinpointed locations.


Wireless call boxes provide crisp, clear, long-range voice communication and allow staff and visitors to communicate with your radio-equipped personnel from points near and far, be it the plant floor, a maintenance garage, a gated entrance, or a delivery dock.

Place a compact and durable 2-way radio callbox virtually anywhere to maximize workforce efficiency, improve safety, and decrease response times. A wireless call box system deploys quickly. No wires, trenching, or construction is required. It can be battery powered for stand-alone operation or use an external AC power adapter for always-on operation.

We carry Ritron wireless call boxes and will match your business with the right system for your needs. Ritron call boxes offer many benefits, including:

  • Use your existing 2-way portable radio network
  • Works with radio repeaters for extended coverage
  • Cost-effective replacement for broken or worn-out hard-wired PA systems without running wire or conduit.
  • Position independent wireless receiver/PA speakers anywhere you need them
  • Optional strobe light provides visual alerting
  • Automatic Message repeat function allows re-broadcast of message up to 4 times.
  • Multi-zone paging capability
  • Available in Analog and DMR Digital.


consultation Consultation

In an effort to find equipment best suited for our clients, we offer demo's/trials of our radio equipment. During these demo's we conduct tests on the equipment by doing a walk-through of your location to make sure that there are no signal issues and can also lend you demo equipment for you to do a lengthier test of services as well.

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consultation Installation

If your purchase requires docking, whether it is in your automobile or at your office, we can offer our installation services to you.

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consultation Maintenance

When purchasing radio equipment though Service Communications, we offer maintenance contracts that include servicing of radio's annually or bi-annually, installation of software upgrades, and handling of all FCC licensing.

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consultation Repair

We offer two-way radio repair services that includes diagnostics, repairs, and parts sales. Our repair services generally take 5-7 business days, if parts are available and in stock. You can arrange for services via drop off, pickup, or shipment.

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