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At Service Communications, we specialize in providing top-quality two-way radio solutions across Baton Rouge. Our radios are essential tools for enhancing communication, ensuring safety, and improving operational efficiency in various sectors.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our extensive range of two-way radios in Baton Rouge includes everything from durable handheld radios to advanced digital systems, ensuring that whatever your communication needs, we have the technology to support it. Our Baton Rouge inventory is specifically curated to address the challenges faced by businesses in the area.

Our Services Include:

Expert installation

Whether your purchase involves setting up docking stations in your vehicle or at your office, our expert installation services are at your disposal. At Service Communications, we ensure that your two-way radios are perfectly integrated into your work environment for maximum efficiency and ease of use. Our professional team handles every aspect of the installation process, ensuring that your equipment is set up quickly and correctly, allowing you to communicate without interruption.

Maintenance and Repair

We provide dependable services to ensure your communications remain clear and reliable. When you purchase your radio equipment through Service Communications, you benefit from comprehensive maintenance contracts. These contracts include annual or bi-annual servicing of your radios, installation of software upgrades, and management of all necessary FCC licensing, ensuring your equipment remains in top condition and compliant with regulations.

Flexible Two-Way Radio Rentals

Explore our wide selection of two-way radio rentals, perfect for temporary communication needs. Our offerings include digital, UL approved, intrinsically safe, VHF marine capable, and general-purpose models. Unsure about renting or buying? Consult with our experts to find the most cost-effective solution for your requirements. For more details, visit our two-way radio rentals page or contact us directly.

Key Industries Served:

  • Construction: Two-way radios are invaluable in construction for real-time communication among workers spread across large sites. They facilitate quick dissemination of instructions, immediate reporting of issues, and urgent safety alerts, helping to prevent accidents and coordinate tasks efficiently.
  • Security: In the security industry, two-way radios provide a reliable communication line for patrols and static guards. They enable quick coordination and response to incidents, enhancing security operations at commercial properties, events, and public spaces.
  • Hospitality: Hotels and resorts use two-way radios to ensure staff across different departments, like housekeeping, maintenance, and front desk, can instantly communicate. This coordination is crucial for addressing guest needs promptly and managing the logistics of hospitality services.
  • Event Management: For events, two-way radios are essential to manage staff and coordinate activities seamlessly, from setup to breakdown. They ensure all team members stay informed and can react swiftly to any changes or emergencies.
  • Education: Schools utilize two-way radios for daily operations and emergency responses, connecting administrators with maintenance, security, and teaching staff. They are key in managing events, securing campuses, and facilitating quick responses in crisis situations.

For more information or to discuss your specific communication needs, contact us today. Let us help you find the perfect communication solution for your industry in Baton Rouge!




In an effort to find equipment best suited for our clients, we offer demos/trials of our radio equipment. During these demos we conduct tests on the equipment by doing a walk-through of your location to make sure that there are no signal issues and can also lend you demo equipment for you to do a lengthier test of services as well.

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If your purchase requires docking, whether it is in your automobile or at your office, we can offer our installation services to you.

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When purchasing radio equipment through Service Communications, we offer maintenance contracts that include servicing of radio's annually or bi-annually, installation of software upgrades, and handling of all FCC licensing.

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We offer two-way radio repair services that includes diagnostics, repairs, and parts sales. Our repair services generally take 5-7 business days, if parts are available and in stock. You can arrange for services via drop off, pickup, or shipment.

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